Ever had Inspiration with an Economic Outlook?

“I believe we are all better economists than we realize, and I love showing an audience how to take the simple indicators that surround them in their everyday lives to become better investors and make better business decisions.” – Donald Broughton

Ever had Entertainment with an Economic Outlook?

Economics doesn’t have to be boring!  The trends that are driving all of us to make business decisions and create wealth can be very interesting.  Broughton is passionate about his subject, without ever taking himself too seriously.

Prior to starting Broughton Capital, Mr. Broughton spent nine years as the Chief Market Strategist and Senior Transportation Analyst for Avondale Partners.  Before that, Mr. Broughton spent over twelve years at A.G. Edwards.  At A.G. Edwards, in addition to being the Senior Transportation Analyst, he was the Group Leader of the Industrial Analysts and served on the firm’s Investment Strategy Committee. Prior to going to Wall Street, Mr. Broughton spent eight years in various distribution and operations management roles in the beverage industry, including serving as the Corporate Manager of Distribution for Dr. Pepper/Seven-Up companies and Chief Operating Officer for Bevmark Concepts.

Many in the transportation industry know him for his quarterly tracking of trucking bankruptcies. He is also known for his development of a ‘Value to Density Spectrum’ study of the tangible goods flow and its economic ramifications.

Broughton’s equity research has earned acclaim and is regularly quoted by The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Fortune, Forbes, and numerous other national media outlets. He is a frequent guest on CNBC, Nightly Business Report, CNN, Fox, NPR and other broadcast media.

His stock-picking performance has been repeatedly recognized by The Wall Street Journal, which has ranked him in its “Best on the Street” survey for his picks in both the cargo and railroad industry groups. Forbes has highlighted his performance in its “When Picky Analysts Pick” series. He has been ranked by Zacks Investment Research and Starmine as a 5-Star Analyst (their highest ranking) based on the historical performance of his recommendations.

Beginning in mid-2006, Broughton published reports warning of an impending economic slowdown and by early 2007 published reports explaining why a recession was coming.  In early 2009, as the world became convinced that the ‘sky was falling’ he upgraded large cap industrials and names such as FedEx and Union Pacific.  More recently, in July of 2010 and again in September 2011 his “Blue Car Report” explained why fears of a double dip were severely overblown and outlined why the market would have significant rallies by the end of those years. He believes that the current market is struggling to digest the end of the industrial-led recovery and the beginning of the consumer-led recovery in this cycle.  But fear not, the consumer both in the U.S. and globally is about to be better than expected.