We have a plan 2020, Do You?

Our Mission

We believe that those who have walked the plant floor intuitively understand what is happening long before those in the ivory towers of Wall Street do.  They are our greatest resources.

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Our Vision

To provide the broadest and deepest database of goods flow available in order to drive dispassionate investment decisions.

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Our Strategy

To use the factual data of transportation goods flow to help actively manage and quantimetrically managed money beat the performance of passively managed money.  We are the Independent Variable in today’s investing.

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We have developed econometric models and proprietary methods for:

  • Predicting freight flows in each mode;
  • Translating those freight flows into economic forecasts;
  • Converting freight flows, marketplace data, and asset utilization metrics into earnings predictions for transportation companies.

This allows us to provide cost effective, precision research that has value for investors in transports and investors seeking a differentiated, data based way of predicting economic outcomes.


Next Steps…

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