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We have decades of transportation industry data that are unrivaled in both breadth and depth, and several proprietary data feeds.

We have decades of experience providing insights to the management teams of transportation companies, both public and private, and the largest investors in those companies.

We have thousands of contacts throughout the transportation industry, at all levels of responsibility, that rely on our data and routinely share their insights with us.

  • If you want to know how many trucking companies failed or trucks were pulled from US highways, we are the only source.
  • If you want to know what happened to pricing for trucking or intermodal before anyone else, based on freight bills actually paid, we are the primary source.
  • If you want to understand what is happening in both the capacity and demand dynamic of trucking (dissected by mode) based on the data of hundreds of thousands of transactions, we are the primary source.
  • If you want to know what the international airfreight volumes were, before released by the International Air Transport Association, we are the source.
  • Integration of technology data and industry – measured with ever more detailed and sophisticated methods, and superior processes to determine what it means.

More importantly, we understand that in the modern era of ‘big data’ it is not enough to have the most data, or even data others don’t have.  In the age of ever more information, wisdom becomes ever more valuable.

We have developed econometric models and proprietary methods for:

  • Predicting freight flows in each mode;
  • Translating those freight flows into economic forecasts;
  • Converting freight flows, marketplace data, and asset utilization metrics into earnings predictions for transportation companies.

This allows us to provide cost effective, precision research that has value for investors in transports and investors seeking a differentiated, data based way of predicting economic outcomes.